Terms & Conditions

Buyer will assume all responsibilities on their purchases. These products are designed for Off Road and show use only when turned on. Please check with your local laws before purchasing any products .



I, (the purchaser) understand that my order has an ESTIMATED completion time of 6-16 weeks. All products are custom made and will not be cancelled or refunded after purchase under any circumstances, PERIOD.

If you supply products it is an ESTIMATED build time of 8-14 BUSINESS WORKING DAYS (Monday-Friday) Turn around time may vary.

Once the order is completed tracking information will be provided by the email that was provided with order purchase. 


All Products should be installed by a professional shop. Improper installation will not be covered under OutlawLEDs warranty. Please follow all directions and guides that are sent with products. 



If one or more items in your order has an extended ship date, your loan payment(s), including interest, may be due before the merchant ships all of the items. Please note that you may not receive a rebate of any interest that may have already accrued on an amount that later gets refunded.


OutlawLEDs provides a 1 year warranty. Warranty covers any craftsmanship done by OutlawLEDs. Your bulbs are a product that may need to be replaced in the future due to use. That is NOT covered under warranty. Any lenses are also not covered under warranty as well. You as the customer, need to maintain and upkeep the lenses for them to maintain longevity. This care includes: waxing them, ceramic coating them, using detail spray with ceramic coating in it, using detail spray with waxing coating in it. All this will upkeep the longevity of your lenses. Yellowing, cracking, fading, peeling can all be prevented by proper upkeep. 

If you're experiencing warrant issues, please email us at warranty@outlawleds.com


*If a dispute is filled for any reason, all debts are sent out to collections*