Shipping & Returns & Warranty


Please allow 6-16 weeks for all products. All products are built per order and tested for a full 7 days before shipping to ensure the warranty. If the housings are out of stock when the purchase is made please allow up to a maximum 30 weeks before the order can be built and shipped out. Due to the fact that OutlawLEDs offers such a wide variety of vehicle models some aftermarket housings may go out of stock. We appreciate your patience and understanding if this were to occur.  

All Fixed Shipping Pricing is for USA only, we do ship all over the world but extra charges may apply! 

Returns Policy

Because every product listed on our website is a custom hand built, we do not accept any returns on an order. As soon as an order is placed the material and products needed to build the custom order is ordered and therefore OutlawLEDs can not allow for returns or cancellations of any products under any circumstances. When purchasing your products, you agree to no cancellations and no refunds. ALL SALES ARE FINAL.


1 year warranty guaranteed on all craftsmanship by OutlawLEDs for the owner/purchaser as long in the possession of the original purchaser. There is no warranty on resold products unless resold by an authorized dealer. This includes fogging/moisture, LEDs burning out or any type of malfunction of the product. (Buyer will also pay the return shipping cost on the items) However running improper bulbs in reflector based housings (such as HIDs/LEDs) immediately voids all warranty due to improper bulb fitment a vast majority of the time, thank you for understanding. This also includes any type of tampering with the housings or any pre sealed product. (ex. taking a headlight or taillights apart to add leds or to paint them)


OutlawLEDs provides a 1 year warranty. Warranty covers any craftsmanship done by OutlawLEDs. Your bulbs are a product that may need to be replaced in the future due to use. That is NOT covered under warranty. Any lenses are also not covered under warranty as well. You as the customer, need to maintain and upkeep the lenses for them to maintain longevity. This care includes: waxing them, ceramic coating them, using detail spray with ceramic coating in it, using detail spray with waxing coating in it. All this will upkeep the longevity of your lenses. Yellowing, cracking, fading, peeling can all be prevented by proper upkeep. 

If you're experiencing warranty issues, please email us at


All Products should be installed by a professional shop. Improper installation will not be covered under OutlawLEDs warranty. Please follow all directions and guides that are sent with products. 

ATTENTION: These electronic product are designed for 12Volt Automotive/Boat use only and not intended for 110Volt (Your household outlet). DO NOT TEST THESE PRODUCTS WITH A HOUSEHOLD OUTLET THAT WILL INSTANTLY VOID YOUR WARRANTY.

Positive and negative should be wired directly to your battery and an inline fuse is necessary in order for a professional installation. All wires for the color changing led halos coming out of the headlight must be plugged into their appropriate black boxes (load and resistors). Failure to do so will cause the LEDs to fail and will void your warranty. If your halos do not light up immediately you have plugged them in wrong, simply unplug, twist the wire 180 degrees and replug it in. The wires are plug and play. 



All products are for OFF ROAD USE ONLY!